Wedding Gift Trees: Can I Give A Tree As A Wedding Present

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Giving trees for wedding presents is a unique idea, but it also makes sense. Will the couple really think of their special day when they use that food processor? A tree, on the other hand, will grow in their yard for years to come, giving them a beautiful reminder of the day they got married.

Can I Give a Tree as a Wedding Present?

It’s not a typical present, but that doesn’t mean that trees as wedding gifts can’t be done. A quick search online will turn up a number of nurseries that ship trees around the country and that will even gift wrap them and include a special message.

If you’re worried that it might be rude to go off the registry for a gift, get something less expensive from the couple’s gift registry and also send them a smaller, less expensive tree. They’ll appreciate the addition of a special, thoughtful gift tree.

Ideas for Trees to Use as Wedding Gifts

Any tree that will grow in the climate and region where the bride and groom live will make a thoughtful and special wedding gift. There are some specific choices, though, that may be particularly special or symbolic of love, life, commitment, and marriage.

Fruit trees. Several fruit trees hold special symbolism in many cultures. Apple trees, for instance, are symbolic of love and prosperity, perfect for the start of a marriage. These trees are also great because they provide fruit year after year that the couple can actually enjoy.

Camellia. While not exactly a tree, the camellia is a large and dense shrub and symbolizes love in many cultures. It produces beautiful and showy flowers. In warmer climates, it will thrive and grow into a large bush that blooms for years.

Olive tree. For couples in the right climate, an olive tree is a wonderful gift. These trees last for years, provide shade, and actually yield a delicious harvest of olives each year.

A charity tree. There are several charities that will allow you to gift a donated tree planting to the happy couple. The tree may be planted somewhere to reforest a region or to help a disadvantaged family grow crops.

Wedding gift trees are special and thoughtful, and any couple would be thrilled to receive one. Just remember to match the tree to the climate and conditions in which the couple lives and to send it with instructions for care so they can enjoy it for many years.

Before considering a money tree, couples should be aware that it is usually considered a breach of wedding gift etiquette to ask for money in any form, whether through direct request or trees, dances, or other means. That does not mean that a couple cannot use a money tree, however. Instead, the money tree should not be made the main focus of the event, whether for a wedding shower, the reception, or any other wedding-related celebration. Guests should not feel pressured to give a couple cash, but providing a money tree can make it convenient for guests who wish to do so.

A money tree is a centerpiece where guests can pin or clip cash onto a "tree" as a gift to the happy couple. Money trees can be made from wire or real wood, and pins, paperclips, clothespins, or ribbons are used to decorate the tree while providing a means for money to be easily attached. Some couples prefer to provide small envelopes so cash gifts can be given more discreetly, and adding small notes or pens gives guests a way to add their wedding wishes to the tree as well.

Is a Money Tree Appropriate?

Money trees, or any way to directly solicit cash gifts, are not always considered appropriate. Done properly, however, a money or cash tree can be tasteful and acceptable. Circumstances that make money trees more appropriate include:

  • Destination Weddings: Couples cannot easily transport bulky gifts from a wedding abroad, and cash is more convenient.
  • Shower Trees: Using a wedding shower money tree, where the purpose of the event is to "shower" the couple with gifts, rather than at the wedding itself, where the purpose is to celebrate the couple's union, is a more appropriate choice.
  • Themed Trees: If a couple has other impending expenses in their soon-to-be married life, such as a new baby or purchasing a new home, the money tree could be specially themed to help support that cause. Simply paying for the wedding or honeymoon, however, is not a suitable choice.
  • Cultural Expectations: In some cultures, money trees are fun traditions that have been used for generations. Couples who are close to their ethnic roots and wish to incorporate this aspect of their heritage into their celebrates can do so easily, provided it is done in the proper cultural context and not just as an excuse to solicit cash.

Have you ever thought about how many flowers give their lives for an average wedding?

Flowers are traditionally associated with weddings, and many nuptials are absolutely covered in them, but flowers are so impermanent. They're already dying, before the ceremony starts. Even if people do take bouquets home afterwards, they've got maybe a week in a vase before they're completely wilted.

And much of the time, they just end up on the ground, swept up by whoever's cleaning after the ceremony.

On the other hand, Bonsai trees can be an amazing accompaniment to wedding ceremonies in a lot of different ways. From gifts to centerpieces, they're an alternative to flowers which are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Granted, a bride wouldn't want to toss a potted Bonsai over her shoulder at a crowd. but aside from that, they can add a truly unique vibe to a wedding!

Making Bonsai A Big Part Of A Wedding

1 - A Gift Of New Life For A New Life

As a wedding gift, few other possibilities could surpass a healthy and thriving Bonsai tree. After all, it's customary to give gifts which the happy couple can take into their new home. What better way to symbolize the new life they're starting together than by giving them a new life to bring to their home?

And since Bonsai are so long-lived, it's a gift that truly symbolizes the eternal nature of marriage. With a little TLC, a Bonsai could easily remain with the couple for the rest of their lives - or even become an heirloom for their children!

2 - Outstanding Centerpieces

Bonsai trees as table centerpieces is another popular use for them in weddings. A well-trained Bonsai is instantly eye-catching, and it's so much more unusual than the usual flower arrangement. Guests will undoubtedly be commenting on it throughout the reception.

Even better, they can then be turned into gifts for guests, bridesmaids, or family members. It's virtually assured that every Bonsai you bring to your wedding will find a good home afterwards. You can't really say the same for all the flowers left behind.

3 - Some Bonsai Say 'Love'

Just like with flowers, there are so many species of Bonsai trees that they have symbolic meanings attached to them. A few of the Bonsai that would be best suited for weddings include:

  • Chinese Elm, signifying harmony and unity, is a perfect representation of the new union which has been created.
  • Fig trees are associated with fertility around the world, even in the Bible!
  • Pachira aquatica, more commonly known as the Money Tree, is a highly distinctive braided Bonsai which is said to attract wealth and prosperity
  • Cherrytrees have lovely pink-red flowers which are great for weddings, as well as being associated with romance.
  • Wisteria have equally distinctive lavender leaves, and are considered representative of the mysteries of eternal love.
  • Redwood trees are renowned for their longevity, and a perfect symbol for a love which will endure through all challenges.

4 - Personalization Adds More Distinctiveness

If you order your Bonsai from a quality distributor ahead of time, you can get them customized in many ways. You could put the happy couple's name or a family crest on the pot, or include personalized care guides. With enough advance warning, you could even get a Bonsai custom-trained to your exact desires!

So if you have a wedding coming up, get creative in your choice of potted plants! Bonsai are an amazing accompaniment to a wedding, and there are so many ways they can be used.

Want more ideas, or customization options? Just ask BonsaiOutlet!

Living Tree Gifts

Shop beautiful live plants that grow stronger and more vibrant each day. Our unique baby trees are the presents that keep on giving! When you purchase one of our tree gifts for friends or family, you will get to choose from a range of gorgeous baby indoor trees such as lime, manuka, gardenia, and olive, paired with your choice of sweet treats & pamper gifts.

A tree gift is a fun, long-lasting choice for loved ones, and a great choice for those who can be tricky to buy for. Treat someone special in your life to a carefully curated selection of treats such as iced heart cookies, delectable truffles, and shortbread bites, or celebrate a friend’s graduation by choosing a gift basket that includes a box of chocolates and a bottle of bubbles.

We provide tree gift sets tailored to all sorts of events. You can welcome a family’s new addition by gifting Mum and Dad a special box with treats for everyone as well as a soft toy for the baby. Our trees symbolise growth and come with a special tag marking the date they were gifted, making them ideal for occasions like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.

Your tree gift can be further personalised with a handpicked selection of high-quality goodies from our online store. We have plenty of deluxe products for all kinds of tastes and interests. Our wide selection means that you can expertly tailor your gift box to your recipient’s preferences and even create your own custom basket.

Employers giving living tree gifts to their employees can also opt to have their company’s name printed onto the boxes, making our eco-friendly gift sets the perfect choice for company functions or celebrations.

We offer free same-day delivery to our Auckland customers and free next-day delivery to the rest of New Zealand, as well as free delivery to Australia and the United Kingdom. Browse our living tree gifts and choose the perfect plant for your next gift-giving occasion.

Our plants and trees are a wonderful Corporate gift that will be a lasting reminder to them of your company and says “We care about our environment and our future ". We can even have your company logo printed on the boxes. Free delivery nationwide.

Trees are strong and characterized by deep roots, their ability to grow high over rooftops, and weather even the roughest storms. All that, combined with the cultural lore and healing properties long associated with trees and their fruit, makes them represent a healthy marriage. The specific type of tree you choose should also have significance. Here, some popular options and their symbolic meanings:

  • Oak represents life, health, and family unity.
  • Bamboo, a tree-like grass, embodies strength, flexibility, and renewal in Asian cultures.
  • Birch trees are fast-growing and appeal to eco-conscious couples. They signify adaptability, regeneration, and new beginnings.
  • Elm trees portend unity, a new perspective, and freedom.
  • Maple trees symbolize longevity, abundance, and protection.
  • Willows are hardy, rapidly growing trees associated with adaptability, renewal, and survival.
  • Apple trees suggest love, truth, beauty, and fertility. In Danish folklore, they're said to wither around adulterers. (We'd like to see that in action.)
  • Fig trees indicate faith, stability, and enlightenment.
  • Pear trees have pretty white flowers, can produce fruit for up to 50 years, and represent longevity, good health, and abundance.
  • Pomegranate trees are ancient symbols of fertility and prosperity.

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