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Our yard can be given more life by creating a lovely landscape in it. There are so many ways to do it just like adding pathways, plants of different types, outdoor structures like a pergola, water features, and others. Speaking of water features, one water feature that will surely bring your garden to life is a pond. Ponds are nice additions to a garden because aside from bringing water into the scene, it gives the place that feeling of nature with fishes, plants, and even birds in it. It can also add drama to the space making relaxation a lot more fulfilling.

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  • Backyard Plans – The Ponds
  • How do garden landscapers and designers work together?
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Your Local Landscape Design Company in Demarest, NJ

This 2. Promenade originally named Marina Linear Park in San Diego, was created as the collaborative design effort of landscape architects Martha Schwartz and Peter Walker beginning inThough often credited to Walker as the park was completed a decade later under the auspices of his then-firm Peter Walker William Johnson and Partners, Walker and Schwartz were equal partners in the original vision for the park, which was inspired by the many parallel lines of a serape cloth.

Their subsequent professional partnership was born out of a mutual appreciation of landscape as an art form. While Walker had been practicing as a landscape architect since the late s, Schwartz entered the field through an interest in land art, having earned a bachelor of fine art from the University of Michigan in before obtaining degrees in landscape architecture at the GSD and University of Michigan inBy the firm had relocated to San Francisco.

Drawing upon their respective backgrounds, the partnership sought to create designs that challenged traditional notions of landscape architecture interpreted through the lens of contemporary art. Throughout the duration of their joint practice, which was active through , Walker and Schwartz continued to each take the lead on specific projects for the firm, based on their individual design interests.

Promenade, in San Diego, California. The space for the park was designated as one element of a downtown redevelopment for San Diego; the majority of the segments alongside it became governmental agency buildings or were allocated to developers for retail or housing. The area that would become the park could not be set aside for building construction, as it primarily consisted of train tracks. On one side of the tracks lay the North San Diego Bay waterfront in a straight line, while the other side comprised a series of triangular parcels that conformed to the grid of the city coming in on a diagonal.

Inspired by this irregular geometry and by the framework of the train tracks, Walker and Schwartz created a series of lines in the landscape with bands of grass, trees, flower beds, asphalt, gravel paths, and the train tracks, collectively evoking the pattern of a serape. The open lot toward the center of the linear park was divided into two sections. A geometrically planted pine grove extended north from a foot-diameter, circular pool, bisected by the promenade and the Santa Fe Railroad.

A shaded grove of Canary Island pines contained a prominent array of grass mounds. The park was constructed over the course of ten years, during which time the surrounding urban fabric continued to change.

This led to many changes to their design during construction and in the years that followed, most notably the removal of the mounds, due to alleged safety concerns. The mounds were replaced with flat, circular grass beds that were later filled with gravel, resulting in a uniform ground plane. The concrete rings that once encircled the mounds were retained, but by flattening the mounds, the design intent had been altered.

In Schwartz returned to Cambridge to become a tenured professor in Practice of Landscape Architecture at the GSD, where she has focused her work and teaching on the role of landscape architecture in the face of climate change. Though the original mounds were removed within the first two decades, their footprints remain and there is an opportunity for the park to be reimagined to incorporate some of the original design intent.

Beyond the erasure of the intended design, this park also faces continual threat of destruction in its entirety, due to its prime downtown location and proximity to many large-scale development projects. In , Civic San Diego approved a 3. Since then, various redevelopment ideas have been put forth, including a proposal for an off-leash dog park. As reported in the San Diego Union-Tribune and the San Diego Downtown News in late and early , respectively, the City of San Diego has plans for an eight-million-dollar renovation of the park, which would effectively demolish the Schwartz and Walker design.

Project construction was originally slated to begin in early summer , with a completion date of summer , though it is unclear whether the novel coronavirus pandemic has moved the needle on that timeline.

Management of the park has changed hands several times throughout the course of its life. Initially under the jurisdiction of the Centre City Development Corporation, Civic San Diego, a city-owned non-profit, overtook operations inAs of June , downtown land use decisions were returned to the city of San Diego by a City Council vote, and Civic San Diego is operating as a separate public benefit company. Thus, it is now up to the city to determine the fate of this landscape. Though it may be too late to salvage such individual components as the mounds, the overarching artistic vision of the linear relationship between the train tracks and bands of plantings and paving can and should be saved and integrated into any new design or programming.

Since the original designers are still living, there is a unique opportunity to engage them in this process. San Diego, CA. Landslide Conversations. Thank You to our sponsors.

Backyard Plans – The Ponds

Biosphere Landscape Architecture has been in business in the Demarest area since , so you can feel confident that our landscape design services are completed with professional expertise. Our landscape design company provides services such as landscape lighting and water pond design and construction to both residential and commercial clients, including private residences, allied professionals, government agencies, non-profit organizations, religious facilities, and developers. The major benefit of incorporating water features like water ponds into the landscapes of residential and commercial properties is curb appeal. With the help of a reputable landscape design company, you'll be able to build a water pond that suits your personal preferences, sticks to your budget, and enhances your Demarest property's landscaping. When designing your above-ground or in-ground water pond, consider factors such as location, size, materials, shape, and additional features like koi fish and aquatic vegetation.

Enthusiastic Landscape Architects specialising in sustainable, people-centred landscape design. We work with our clients to create.

How do garden landscapers and designers work together?

When this housing community was in the initial stages of development, Southview Design worked with a builder and engineers to design and create a pond with waterfalls in the community park. The project took eight days. Right next to our water feature is the retention pond. As the grasses and other plant material filled in, and the water in the retention pond rose, the look was seamless. A muskrat had other ideas. He burrowed through the outer boulder wall, and chewed through the plastic and fabric to make his home in-between the walls. Evidence of his work showed up as a portion of the foot high wall started to collapse. Southview Design jumped into repair mode. We had to float materials out over the water in the retention pond in order to repair the damage done by the muskrat.

15 Pond Landscaping Designs for Your Garden

Chazen's landscape architects produce creative and functional ideas for a wide variety of clients and projects. Chazen combines the art of landscape design with the science of site development to create distinctive solutions for any project type. Our accomplished staff collaborates with engineers, architects and clients to design and implement exceptional finished products. The site is comprised of a acre hillside parcel that offers picturesque views of the Adirondack High Peaks. The intent of this collaborative effort was to create a master plan that will position the project site for the World University Games.

This one-day class is meant for pond owners, pond managers, landscape architects, engineers … and anyone involved with the design, management or maintenance of ponds!

Before & After: A Hudson Valley Landscape, Pond Included

Every aspect of the environments we experience influences our mood, actions and opinions, whether we actively acknowledge it or not. Aside from finding ourselves in remote natural landscapes, each experience we have is manufactured, for better or worse; but even in nature we often find ourselves with a manufactured experience, on a trail placed with intent to guide us to experiences along the way. The experience being the most import element of any design both allows and dictates that we develop the place not to provide an identical experience in any environment or build upon a specific palette of materials, rather that the experience is of the specific place. A human connection to nature, the feeling of safety and comfort, and creating places for interaction are foundational elements for achieving a positive experience, therefore creating a place where people want to be and will frequently return. Whether we are working on a college campus, a community park or a corporate office, our intent is to create the opportunities for experiences that will encourage use of the space, giving it life and character. We want people to linger, to engage.

Landscapes & Watergardens

Bremer Whidden Pond — was an American landscape architect and professor at Harvard University. He was deeply involved with two early graduate programs in landscape architecture for women: the Cambridge School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and the Lowthorpe School of Landscape Architecture. Bremer Whidden Pond was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in and got his bachelor's degree from Dartmouth College inHe received his master's degree in landscape architecture from Harvard that same year. He went on to serve as secretary to the famous landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted. Bremer joined Harvard's School of Landscape Architecture in and remained at Harvard until his retirement in

We design large ponds and lakes in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire is also available to garden designers, landscape architects and landscapers.

Pond Design & Construction

Advances in Landscape Architecture. The most critical changes in the world over the last century have been derived from the variety of environmental problems. Growing environmental problems now affect entire the world. The majority of environmental problems originates in human greed and interference.

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One of the secret goals behind any landscape design is to add life to it. Imagine a dynamic custom rock waterfall with a running stream that cascades into a beautiful Koi pond. Our landscape professionals are on standby and awaiting your call to get started today with a custom Koi Pond in Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom or Granite Bay. That is why so many homeowners in Sacramento, Roseville, El Dorado Hills and more contact us about koi pond installation. Koi are extremely popular outdoor fish because of their longevity they are believed to live 50 to years , their resiliency, their diet, and their temperament. Koi will remember the people that feed them and become pets that you can enjoy.

December 5, by LAM Staff.

Located in Taoyuan city, Taiwan, agricultural farm-pond is a historical and humane landscape. A hundred years back, the area of farm ponds were more than a thousand units which area was ha and coveredFarm pond was not only the agricultural heritage but also played an important role in ecology and community society. As time goes by, it gradually become a unique cultural landscape for Taoyuan. However, ha of farm ponds have disappeared by the urbanization, lots of farm ponds were re-filled. As a landscape architect and local citizen, we would like to take an important role for seeking a win-win solution to deal with such conflict issues.

PWP continues to work with Glenstone on the landscape vision for the expanded site that includes the new museum building by Thomas Phifer and Partners and more than acres of restored meadows, woodlands, walking paths, wetlands, and outdoor art. For the original acre estate, PWP created a landscape that engages the architecture, art, and ecological systems of the Potomac River Valley. The site was re-graded from its subdivision state with rough transitions smoothed and angular slopes removed. Two hundred existing trees—root-pruned and transplanted to new locations on site—were supplemented with 1, trees raised in an on-site nursery to form a landscape that reads at a grand scale.


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